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By fireiceandallthingsnice - March 06, 2018

I remember as a little girl penning down my thoughts as and when I wished to communicate with God. I do not particularly remember the incident or the specific time which led to the start of this communication with the almighty, however, I do remember scribbling words in a fit of anger or resentment or gratefulness. The funny part is reading the stuff I wrote sometime later would make me feel both embarrassed and sometimes a sense of flickering pride, as it would turn out quite well. The other weird part is, I would never continue writing in a single diary until its end. Due to my inconsistency with feeling different emotions, the diaries would pile up in number, with few pages filled, more than few waiting to be filled and just like that we would have reached end of that year and in no time, I would find myself with another new fancy diary. Each time I set my eyes on any of the new ones, I would invariably end up deciding what I would write in it and of course never quite ended up adhering to my decision.
The other vivid memory of my writing life was the Essay writing section in the language papers; English, Hindi and Marathi. I remember being mortified with nightmares of never completing these exams on time. As most of you know, Essay sections would be at the end of the question papers. “Last 15 minutes”, these words by the Supervisor would be exactly when I would start attempting the Essay. The best part was, I used to just scribble the first thoughts that came to my mind during these 5-10 minutes under tremendous pressure to finish few pages before the bell rang. When I received the checked answer papers, the first section I would check is the marks I scored in the essay and to my surprise I would do decently well in those. This would make me curious to read what I have managed to write in those critical minutes and to my surprise and with all the modesty I accept it would be nice to read.
One essay I remember writing is for Hindi subject, the topic was “Wakt ka mahatva” (Importance of time). This was for a test before the board exams. We were always taught that one of the tips to score good marks in essay was to use quotes, and I took this very seriously πŸ˜› I wasn’t able to recollect any particular Hindi proverb to enhance my essay so instead  I wrote the below lines hoping my invigilator falls for it πŸ˜‰
“Har ghadi baddal rahi hai roop zindagi,
Chav hai kabhi, kabhi hai dhoop zindagi,
Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo,
Jo hai sama Kal Hona ho”  πŸ˜…
I was just hoping the invigilator doesn’t deduct my marks for writing the then famous song in an essay. I scored fine I guess.

Slowly the scribbling of words in the books became an outlet for me to express in the form of poems. The first poem or the attempt of it was a spontaneous feeling of gratitude towards the almighty. Only thing I remember is thanking god for always helping me when I needed it the most. Then began a phase of writing poems, most of them are about specific people, it started with my first major crush in college, and the latest being the one I wrote for Akshai (my crush for life), clichΓ©, right? Haha
The point here is, even though the diaries would be new every year, one thing which stayed was the need to feel an emotion strongly for me to write. As time passed by, I slowly discovered the blogging medium, but this was not the same as writing in your personal journal and it can never be the same. Nonetheless, the action of clicking the publish button gives me a high like no other. Whilst writing this article, I realized the pile of diaries I have accumulated at my home post marriage. Each one of these are for a specific category of my life and none of them fully utilized. The idea of a fancy diary makes me happy with childlike enthusiasm, it is like having a new shiny toy.
I feel words have such magic; a great combination of these could make your day and uplift your mood. In the recent Miss World pageant, one of the contestant was asked “what according to you is the greatest invention by Man?”. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard this question was “Language”. Just think about it. What would we be without it ?
On a random website related to writing, I found a contest to write about your Writing Life and that is the reason I wrote this post.

P.S: I love diaries …. #JustSaying

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