Small things become great when done with love.

By fireiceandallthingsnice - February 22, 2018

My li'l brother (My mama's son) , Aditya, turned 5, this Feb 13, 2018. If you have read my old blog then you would know, I had written a blog post the day he was born. Here is the link to that post. This time I wanted to gift him something special, which he might not understand now, but few years later , he definitely would. According to me, nothing is more special than something handmade; pouring all the love, effort and time into it , and then hoping the other person keeps it safely at least πŸ˜‰, which in his case at this age is too much to ask for ,but that will be taken care by his mom.

Materials: Soft card board like sheets (If you ever shopped from Myntra, these sheets are used to give structure to the packaging), Printed sheets, Card stock sheets, printed buttons, stickers, double sided tape, thread, colored print outs of his pics, scissors and glue.

  1. First I made a book like structure using the myntra packaging sheets and joined them using a black sheet.
  2. Covered the outer two sides of the book with printed sheets and inner sides with black sheets.
  3. Cut out flower shapes from other printed sheet and glued them on the sheet binding the book together from outside.
  4. Then I made the hand shaped card (inspired from Pinterest).
  5. Aditya loves trains and the show Thomas and friends, so I decided to have something related to it in the card. I looked it up on Pinterest and made the train design as a pop-up card.
  6. I had few similar stickers , so using them I made the outer part of the pop up card.
  7. I wanted to add the pictures in an interactive way, so decided to go ahead with waterfall card. I had made it few years back for a friend, but didn't remember much of it. So, I decided to look up on Youtube, all the videos were so long and complicated that I decided to find out the technique myself. I was very happy with the way it turned out eventually. 😊
  8.   I wanted to paste the printout of the blog post I wrote for him in the card somewhere, so I made the shaker card. (These are internet terms for these type of cards). I just used the buttons I had and placed a birthday cake sticker in between covered by a plastic sheet.
  9. I folded the blog post printout and then pasted one fold on the card such that rest of the letter could be easily opened and closed.
  10. He loves all the superheros, but my personal favorite being Spiderman, I decided to incorporate it in the card. I had some ideas in mind, but since everything with me is very much last minute, I didn't have much time and just made him hang through a thread ( indicating spider web πŸ˜›) holding a message board in his hand.
  11. Once I finished the interior of the card, I decided to have the words "U are our heart" on the outer cover. Heart symbolized with a card stock cut out and then sticking a collage of his pictures on top of it.
  12. Inside the card, the places which were blank I glued his remaining pics and that's it, my labor of love was ready! 🌝
Since, this card is for Aditya, let me describe his journey from the old blog post till this one. He is the naughtiest kid you might ever come across, but equally warm and intelligent. I hope as he grows, he becomes a little less naughty and more of the warmer person I can already see him to be. My dear Aditya, not that I have not already made it very clear, but I really love you.πŸ’—

P.S: This post is not on how to make this card, but more on the thought process of how it all came together.I truly and honestly believe, anyone and everyone can make such stuff, if they genuinely wish to. Materials are easily available and techniques can be learnt from the internet, but love and time ; there's no substitute for it.🌝 

One of my closest friends, who is the most unlikeliest person in this entire world to spend time on such things, made a beautiful farewell card and a handmade teddy bear for me once. It is one of my most cherished gifts ever, and even today I look at it when I am low and that instantly brings a smile on my face. Although, I smile more because I remember the line he said after handing over the gift to me, "Iske baad life mein yeh sab nahi banaunga, kitna mehnat karna padta hai yaar" πŸ˜… 

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  1. The cards are so beautiful and from experience i know making these things need so much time but if you do it with all your heart it feels interesting.Recently went through one of my handmade stuff and felt so proud and amazed with my own work.. Lol. Handmade stuff totally rocks😊


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