Of Dreams and Trolls!

By fireiceandallthingsnice - February 21, 2018

dreams and trolls

Do you believe in dreams? Hopefully, everyone does! But I am referring to the dreams which you see about events happening in other people's lives. I read somewhere dreams are either your deep desires or fears (maybe then they are called nightmares).

Recently I saw a dream with respect to a friend of mine. It was a good dream, so i conveyed it to my friend. The meaning and relevance of it (if any) will be revealed only in the coming time.

I happened to see a show today on Voot called Troll police. The episode consists of a celebrity and their biggest (rather meanest) troll coming face to face, they claim to have a team of tech experts who help the celebrity in finding the real identity of their troll. By the end of the episode, they help the troll to understand the gravity of the mean comments they post to which their common justification is "I didn't mean it or I meant it like a joke". I quite liked the show as it only reinforces the point that , the way we perceive others is a reflection of what we actually are deep inside. I like the sound of the word troll though, reminds me of the troll from harry potter part 1. In the potter world, a troll is a magical creature of prodigious strength and immense stupidity. The later is most definitely true for the muggle world internet troll too. 😛

Few days back I read a quote in the beginning of the movie, "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer" , didn't end up watching the whole movie though. The quote is , " For what shall I wield a dagger, O Lord?  What can I pluck it out of or plunge it into , when you are all the world? " 

 The movie is about few religious fanatic groups with foolish ideas of killing each other to prove their righteousness. I hope the context of the quote is much clear now. Such a beautiful thought by a 10th century Indian poet.

P.S: I felt the blog incomplete so I asked my husband for his learning for today and this is what he came up with , "Old is gold, Mother is a Mother, Respect others, Never hurt anyone, Elders need emotional support, and give time to family", exactly in this order. 🙂

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