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By fireiceandallthingsnice - February 20, 2018

One of my favorite author since few years now has been Devdutt Patanaik. To his credit he never disappoints me. This time I decided to read SITA: An illustrated retelling of Ramayana, which is narrated from Sita's point of view. I must add this book is a birthday gift from a special person, and I am really thankful to her for being so thoughtful. I loved reading this one and the thing with me is I tend to note the things I loved in a book. This is the reason I had published the previous post , instead of keeping those magical quotes with me , I thought to update it on my blog. The list for this particular book is going to be pretty long. So here it is :

"Know this: Durga is the strength that we get from the outside. Shakti is strength that is inside. Nature gives us Shakti. Human society is designed to grant Durga through tools, rules and property. But having lived in the forest this long, for over thirteen years, both Sita and I have learned to value Shakti , not Durga. For strength form within is always there; strength from without may or may not be there. Ravana, however, seeks strength from outside. He seeks to punish the man whose brother mutilated his sister. He sees my wife as my property; by stealing her he wants me to feel deprived...." 

" There is great joy in satisfing oneself. But there is greater joy when we satisfy ourselves by satisfying others. Still greater joy when we do not need satisfaction. And even more joy, when despite not needing satisfaction, we provide satisfaction to others, said Hanuman."

"Now, thought Sita, they will blame Hanuman, hence Ram, hence me. Not once will they hold Ravana responsible for his obstinacy. Not once will they blame Surpankha for her unbridled passion. When the mind is knotted in fear, the problem is always outside, never inside." 

" Ram wlecomed Vibhishana. "So there are good rakshasas in this world."said a beaming Laskshman.'Will you fight me if I do something wrong?' Ram asked Lakshman. 'You can do no wrong,' said Lakshman. 'I am sure the other brothers of Ravana feel Ravana can do no wrong.  So who is better: the good rakshasa who sides with me or the loyal rakshasa who side Ravana?' Ram's words made both Lakshman and Vibhishana uncomfortable. What was better: to be right or to be loyal? Both have consequences."

"Trijata told the women on the beach, 'Sita keeps saying something she heard during the Upanishad long ago: I am the creator of my world and so are you. We can widen our world by breaking free from the maze of expectations. we can shrink our world by entrapping ourselvs with expectations.' "

" Sarama Observed, 'Ravana expects his brothers to behave in a particular way. When they don't, he rejects them. Vibhishana also expects Ravana to behave in a particular way. When he does not, he rejects Ravana. This Ram, does he have expectations of his father, mother, brother and wife? Does he reject them if they do not behave as he wants them to?Trijata replied, 'If Sita is any indicator, then I think not.' "

"As Ram and Ravana invoked Shiva for blessings, Shakti asked Shiva,  'Who do you really support?''Both of course. Ram will win because he will make Ravana see. Ravana will win because he will finally open his eyes,' said Shiva. "

 "Ram decided to shoot the greatest arrow in the world, the Brahmastra, charged with the power of Brahma, to kill the grandson of Brahma, who claimed to be a brahmin but never sought the brahmin."

" I realize I never saw you, Ram. I just saw the man who my sister hated, my brothers respected, my queens admired and Sita loved. In seeking knowledge from me , you are hoping that I will expand my mind and discover the essence of the vedas, which has eluded me, even though I know all the hymns and all the rituals. You are the ideal student whose curiosity makes the teacher wiser. I bow to you."

"She lept on to a lion that appeared from nowhere and rushed to do battle with the demon. It was a fierce battle, the Goddess with her many arms pounding the demon who dared interrupt her union with her husband. She ripped out his entrails, chopped away his limbs, crushed his heads, broke his knees and drank his blood. Thus satiated, she returned to sit beside Ram as the demure Sita, a gentle smile on her lips.No words were spoken. Everyone was stunned by the realization that Sita was Gauri who was also Kali. She had allowe herself t be abducted. She had allowed herself to be rescued. She was the independent Goddess who had made Ram the dependable God."

"During the coronation, Anjana asked her son, Hanuman, 'You are so strong. You lept over the sea, defeated Surasa and Simhika, set Lanka aflame, carried a mountain from north to the south, overpowered Mahiravana. Surely you could have defeated Ravana on your own. There was no real need to build the bridge to Lanka and make all the vanaras fight the rakshasas. So why didn't you?Hanuman replied, 'Because Ram did not ask me to. This is his story, not mine.'Sita, smiled on hearing this, for she clearly saw how Hanuman saw the world. Ram's brothers served him to uphold the integrity of the royal clan. She too was bound by wifely obligations. But only Hanuman did so out of pure love. That is why Ram held him closest."

"God is not an external trophy to be possessed; God is internal human potential to be realized. Ravana refused to see the world as Shiva could. Hanuman had learned to appreciate the world as Ram did. "

" 'You feel Ram has abandoned his Sita, don't you?' she asked gently. 'But he has not,' she stated confidently. 'He cannot. He is God; he abandons no one. And I am Goddess; I cannot be abandoned by anyone.' "

"With a smile, she said. 'I know the forest well, Lakshman. I remember more years here than in the palace. Do not worry about me. I am not happy with this situation, but I accept it and will make the most of it. Thus I submit to karma without letting go of dharma.' "

"Every time the Treta yuga ends Sita returns to the earth and Ram to the sky. So it has happened before. So it will happen again.Hanuman : Why does the story repeat again and again?Vasuki : So that every generation realizes the point of human existence. Hanuman : which is?Vasuki: Fear is a constant, ad faith is a choice. Fear comes from karma, from faith arises dharma. Fear creates Kaikeyis and Ravanas, streets full of gossip, families with rigid rules and fragile reputations. They will always be there. Faith creates a Sita and a Ram. They will come into being only if we have faith that the mind can expand until we do not abandon the world even when the world abandons us.Hanuman remembered how Sita and Ram were always at peace, whether in the palace or in the forest, whether together or apart. Committed to each other. "

P.S: Next book for read is Emma by Jane Austen.

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