Happy Birthday to the one born on the world population day!

By fireiceandallthingsnice - July 17, 2017

"Shreya, You're are my Nemo. If you get lost in the great, big ocean, I' ll find you and I know you will too."

This post is dedicated to my best friend.In fact, the way we became friends and then best friends, is quite a Dharma production drama.πŸ˜‰

We met in the 7th grade, don't remember the first conversation, I am sure she does, and in fact, she must! I am narrating this saga after all.From what I remember, I just loved her company and talking to her.It's pretty weird but she is my first true friend, before that, I never knew what it meant to have one. So we were pretty close and I think bench partners as well. But there is a triangle in this story, there was another girl who apparently lived very close to her house and they were pretty close too. To be honest, it is her personality that she can make friends very easily and everyone instantly loves her. This quality I realized only later, not during our school days.😏

One such day in the school, someone asked her who was her best friend? In my heart, I thought it was me but she took the name of another girl, and I had never felt that sad (of course till that time of my life). I remember reaching home and sobbing just like Kajol in KKHH (when she finds out Rahul loves Tina πŸ˜…) I am really filmy that way, do not take this in a wrong sense 😜 I do not quite recollect how I consoled myself, but days passed and soon it was time to be in high school.

As destiny had it we ended up in the same Junior college but in different divisions. I remember meeting her when passing by and talk for few minutes and that's it. I have only one specific memory of us during this period. There was this annual journal submission and she like always had hers completed on time, so I had borrowed it to finish mine. We met outside of the college hours, as I had to return the Journal to her. That day we stood nearby to our tuitions and spoke for nearly an hour and I remember feeling happy as I realized this was one person with whom the time of disconnection did not matter, we picked it up from the point where we had stopped, and that is something beautiful, and rare.

We completed our HSC, and again ended up in the same engineering college, how this happened is also very interesting but long and there is a lot I want to write, so will skip that part. In the first year, we were in different divisions and had our set of friends we made during this course of time. But we all used to sit together and complete the assignments and that's when I met some of the closest friends I have today. Both of us would travel, eat, gossip and even crush on seniors together, so it was a happy ride from home to college and vice versa. One such day both of us and our new friends were completing our assignments together, and one of them asked Shreya,"Who was her best friend?" and I do not remember what I felt about this question, but this time her answer was πŸ˜ƒ..."Preeti"...ahh..and I was not surprised at all, as I knew, it was me all the while. πŸ˜‰ Later. I have numerous times taunted her on this late realization of hers, and she doesn't even feel bad about it, rather laughs it off.

She is the most selfless person I have ever met and most of the times it is really annoying, I always feel she was supposed to be born some thousand years ago, how can someone be so patient and kind when people give her ample reasons to just hit them back with words at least, if not actions. She is this nut case who makes everyone have fun at her expense with no filter at all, and perhaps this is her most endearing quality. For the most part, she is excruciatingly annoying with her phone, message and chats etiquettes. I never get so upset with anyone for not picking up my calls, or replying back or not meeting, as with her. This, only she can do to me, and quite literally this trait is constant with her since the time we met. Also, she proudly claims to be lying to me many times, just to let me know how she can easily fool me. And, yes I do not agree to it.

There are times we get really possessive of each other, but I think it is pointless as no one else can bear with us like we do with each other πŸ˜€ Our fights are mostly on Whatsapp and it is funny how nothing that we messaged there matters the next time we speak on phone. She is also a cry baby and is quite stubborn in matters where she shouldn't be πŸ˜… Having said that, she is the best person to be with and I say this on behalf of all the people in her life, that we are extremely lucky to have her love, care, compassion, anger and everything that makes her imperfect, as she is genuinely someone who is beautiful inside out.

She always complains I never write any post for her on Instagram like I did for others, but the fact is, what I feel for her can never be restricted to a few words. While writing this post I realized there are so many things about her I have to write but then this post would be never ending. I am sure she wouldn't mind that, but others might πŸ˜› I know I am late, but this post is your birthday gift. Belated Happpyyy  birthday my sheruuuuπŸ’“

P.S: I love you the mostesttt😘 I know we have better pictures than those in the video, but my hard disk ditched me last minute and so this is all I had.

Trivia: This nut case was born on 11th of July which is also known as the World Population day!πŸ˜€

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  1. Preettiiiiiiiiiiiii finalllyyyyyy one blog for meeeeeee.
    Thankyou so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh i am so happyyyyyy :*:*:*:*
    Thank you for loving me,guiding me,teaching me,helping me to be a better person,for accepting me with all my flaws,for not killing me for my bad phone etiquettes.
    And yes thats true I can fool you very easily and I have many evidences on the same.
    Love you to the moon and back.:):):)
    Btw who is that girl with you in the video ??
    That is not me please put my pics i will send you if you don't have.
    Dusron ka pic daalke meri fan following kam mat kar. :p :p :p

  2. Wow kitna superb likha hai..chalo matlab tere saath bhi phone ka problem hai..lol.. The pictures brought so many memories back!!! Love u both����

    1. Thankyou Nima :) haa wo problem toh bachpan se hai uska :P Love you too :*


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