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By fireiceandallthingsnice - May 27, 2017

Since the Sachin fever is soon going to engulf the entire nation through the movie Sachin: A billion dreams. I thought I might as well bask in its glory by posting a poem I wrote on Indian Cricket team's victory in the World Cup 2011.

Everyone cherished a dream,
To fight the odds and win,
the crown of being the king
in the kingdom of cricket.
For which even God couldn't resist,
to be a part of this game,
And so he was there in the form of Sachin.

They came, they played,and they conquered,
mammoth runs they chased,
and records they embellished,
In the history, their glory will be etched.
For the generations will have their memories sketched,
with the blood and soul of the players,
because of which the cup was fetched!

The Euphoria that was felt,
the anticipation that was built,
times the billion hearts skipped their beat,
the tears that fell, implied the nation knelt,
At the way, the team was so adept in lifting the world cup,
for which to them, we are at dept.
Nation could only be grateful, which is a feeling so heartfelt. πŸ˜‡

P.S: This one I had posted on my old blog. So, some of you might recollect reading it. For those who are reading it for the first time, I hope it reminds you a little bit of the emotions you felt the very day we won the world cup.πŸ™‚

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  1. We waited so long for this day !Blessed are the ones who could see India getting the world cup and Sachin holding it in their lifetime ...Thank God we did ...Cricket and Indian life are inseparable and this poem truly captures this sentiment of ours.....cant forget so many wonderful college memories associated with cricket...Thanks for reminding :)

    1. That is so true, We are blessed ones who could witness it in our lifetime. Thank you for your encouraging words su :)

  2. Mastach aahe poem , world cup final Cha divas athavla parat 😊,
    Ata movie pahun ajun ujala milel sarva gostina 😊.
    Hoping a post after you watch the Movie πŸ˜‰.

    1. thank you Kedar :) idea changli aahe tashi..will definitely try :)

  3. Yes I remember this rightly said that we are definitely the blessed ones to witness our world cup win..thanks for posting the poem again

  4. In the country which eats, sleeps, breaths cricket. This was one of the massive victories which we as a generation got to witness.. I still remember how delighted my friends and I were that we started dancing on the streets screaming INDIA.. Thank you Preeti, this really made me nostalgic.. One of the best reminiceses I must say.. And this is so very well expressed.. Kudos to you ��

  5. @Apoorva: Thank you for letting me know you felt that way. Its true that feeling is something we all will cherish till eternity. I just watched the movie, and I felt the same emotions again watching it on the big screen. :)

  6. It was a proud moment to witness & cherish it.. nicely expressedπŸ‘Œ
    Bleed blue

  7. @Guru bhai: Yes, that is true indeed. Thanks for taking time to comment :)


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